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mid century modern
el cerrito 

Residential Renovation & Addition

Sitting on El Cerrito hill, the house was originally designed by a renowned Bay Area architect, Roger Lee.  The request from the client is to increase the living space while keeping the original detail and design intention by Mr. Lee. Situated in an oddly shaped site with parking requirements, the solution for the required program is to add another level above the existing house.​The original house has very little seismic resistance and the challenge is how to seismically reinforce the house while keeping the original house elements intact. To achieve this, the exterior wall to redefine the entry and horizontal expansion of the storage that mimics the original house language have been added as the needed structure. The site sits on the expansive clay soil, and a number of concrete piers will be also added to reinforce the existing concrete and brick foundation.The result is a safer, new house where the refreshing addition harmoniously blends in the old,  tailored to the family’s needs and enjoyment, including a large outdoor deck off a new family room, and a Japanese-style master bathroom with a great view.

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